Charlotte Ann Pollock makes paintings about her immediate environment and relationships in order to visually digest them and thus see them clearly. Her work is rooted in realism and she likes to paint and draw from life. She loves the layers of process, both physical on the canvas and with her vision. She desires for her work to generate a feel to a viewer that mirrors the complexity and layers anchored in memories and experiences. The medium of paint also holds these same complexities and layers, further emphasizing the importance of acknowledging this presence. The experience of making paintings is so important to her and is often cathartic. She likes these intricacies to be visible and resolved in the product. Oil paint helps her capture the breath of a scene quickly and accurately and also allows for a progression of layering. It is malleable and forgivable, and also rich and potent. It is a discipline that is very beneficial to her well being.

She has a BFA from University of Louisville, Kentucky and studied plein-air painting in Aix-en-Provence, France.